Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Michael Kaminzky
Digital Marketing and Communications Expert

Over the last decade, I’ve worked as a digital marketing expert for a few high profile clients, helping them develop and execute their digital strategy. This includes planning, building, and implementing digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels and platforms, using organic search campaigns, paid advertising, email marketing, social media, and other channels to increase awareness about their companies, brands, products, and services. In my off time I enjoy sports, travel and spending time with friends and family.


What I Do

Digital Marketing Strategy

Establishing and driving multi-channel digital marketing communications strategies is my bread and butter!

Digital Marketing Material

I’ll help you prepare and manage all creative and communications material for digital marketing

Brand Development

I’ll help you develop your unique brand voice and maintain brand integrity across all platforms

Media Relations Management

I’ll help you develop contacts with media members, influencers and community leaders

Team Building

I’ll help you build and lead a team of communications, marketing and design professionals

Content Marketing

I’ll assist in the creation of digital, video, audio and print content

Public Relations

I’ll help you get the right message crafted and published on the best and most relevant platforms, to get your brand the most attention.

10+ Years of Experience

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Contact With Me

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Michal Kamintzky

Digital Marketing and Communications Expert

Looking for advice on digital marketing and marketing communications? Struggling to find your brand voice? Need help crafting high level communications material? I can help, so let's talk!